Sunday, May 18, 2014

Studio Heath Showcase

At the beginning of my wire working fetish, I wanted keenly to be able to capture a stone in wire work and learn more about the "rainbow wrapping" being done by various artists in Colorado, USA in 2005.  I searched for a good, comprehensive tutorial to buy that would not only teach me the foundations of some good wire working but also enable for me to make the complicated ideas I had in my head for jewellery.

Step in Remy of featuring her wonderful work.  She made the most amazing tutorial on exactly what I was looking for in the Woven Sculpture Pendant.

As described on the Studio Heath website
This tutorial is a thorough STEP-BY-STEP tutorial.
It is 66 pages long and contains a whopping 197 photographs!!!!!
Well over 100 hours have gone into creating the pendant, photographing, photograph-editing, writing, proof-reading, text editing and re-editing to bring this tutorial to life.
And words do not lie.  Printed out, this tutorial is quite a chunk of paper to bring around with you but oh so worth the while.

The pictures are close up, clear and with very clear instructions in text.  Tips on how to hold 8 wires and 2 pliers effectively and not become a spaghetti bowl mess of twisted knots are absolute gems for the student.

I changed the actual item that I crafted to suit the materials I had on hand.  So instead of setting a stone with prongs (of which I did not have prior knowledge) I set a large bead so that I could more of my energy focus on the construction and many weave techniques I learned in this tutorial.

Most importantly, the instructions tell you how to deal with many different wire endings sticking out at random angles deftly and elegantly to end with a beautiful pendant.  I still wear this pendant from time to time though it was my first (but not last!).

I have since gone on to my own style, but still cannot help but use techniques I learned from Remy's tutorial!

Best USD $25 I ever spent!


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