Saturday, July 16, 2011

Basic Loop, Wrapped Loop Tutorials

This week I want to put the limelight on an amazing designer, Lorri Ely of, who has put all of her hard earned knowledge about beaded jewellery basics on her website for free. And what a website, she explores stringing techniques, earring makings, even how to sell your jewellery in various venues and tips on running a jewellery business.

This is a site I wholeheartedly wish was available when I started making jewellery over 20 years ago! But then again, the internet was not what it is these days either.

Basic Loops
The most basic wire working is the basic loop. This is literally a circle at the end of the wire with which to connect the wire to anything such as an earring finding, or attach a new wire to a project. The earrings to the left are some I have created only using basic loops.

But what if you do not know how to create this technique?

Lorri has written clear, easy to follow instruction for doing a basic loop complete with good photos. And read her tips on using round needle nose pliers!

Wrapped Loops

Her longer instructions on how to make a wrapped loop beaded chain strand again are filled with great tips on how to hold your hands and what to do with everything.

Her instructions cover how to make the basic wrapped loop and then go on to show how to make a wrapped loop strand like the piece I have created photographed to the left.

The wrapped loop is a very elegant and secure technique to use, but one which I recommend is best practiced 20 - 40 times before creating any jewellery.

In order to snug down wire ends on the wrapped loop after clipping waste with wire cutters, use the flat needle nose pliers (tips are more slender for tight spaces) and turn the pliers in the same direction as the wrapped coil. Repeat until you cannot feel the wire tip any more poking out.

A third pertinent wire tutorial that Lorri has featured is what do to with those danged top sideways drilled beads that are so pretty! How to wrap a briolette is one of the most frustrating techniques to master and her instructions and photographs make it all the easier to learn.

Take the time if you are new to beading to really go through Lorri's website - it is an amazing treasure trove of hints, techniques and project ideas. There is a free online community as well.

Keep on beading!


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