Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wire Working Notes

Wire Working Notes

On my blog I have uploaded PDF files of my free wire working tutorials.  An important companion is the General Notes file which contains a lot of general wire working notes.

The Notes are also a companion guide to all of my tutorials, starting with a list of terminology I use in my articles and tutorials with definitions and reasoning behind my madness.

I have condensed the wire properties information and wire working tips available in my blog and various other media I teach from into one file for quick reference.  This is data that has taken me since 2003 to learn the hard way - slogging through many different articles, library books and trial and error (and a few pricked fingers).

The article starts off with a thorough look into wire properties such as shapes available and how to read the measurements when purchasing from an online shop.  Gauge is shown complete with a chart for quick reference.  There is an introduction to understanding why wire becomes brittle and breaks and a guide to wire hardness.  Most importantly, you will learn how to choose the correct wire for the job expected. 

Then the article goes on to include a few short tutorials on ways to handle wire as you work on bigger projects.  I show how to start a new core wire into an existing project, when sometimes you just need a wire right there.  It is also shown how to keep your work tidy, begin and end new weaving or coiling wires and keep tension consistent while coiling.

Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of wire working, it's very addicting!

PDF Link follows below:

Wire Working Notes PDF


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