Tuesday, December 27, 2011

X Wrap Wire Weave

X Wrap Wire Weave

Ever needed to hide an area in wire work, or just wanted to fill in a large gap with some interesting pattern?  Here is an easy way to do just that, the x-wrap (named by me for the X shape produced in the middle of the wires) is a variation on the figure 8 used in the double coil weave to produce a more open, lacy look.

The tutorial is free and contains close up photos to show exactly what is happening over 3 full pages.  It is a stunning weave that makes a beautiful bail.

I did not invent this wrap, but figured out how to do it and wish to share it for the rest of the wiring community.  My tutorials tend to share techniques rather than patterns.  One tip is to start the practice piece on a key ring which would end up being a sample for you to refer back to in the future.  In a recent class I taught with the Aussie Beading Retreat group, we covered 4 of the wraps on my tutorial page and started each new wrap on the same key chain - which became a master sample key from which people can refer to in the future when planning the next project.

The X Wrap definitely is a great wrap to add to your wire techniques.  The important part is that the core wire needs to be slightly thicker than the coiling wire.  You can use just about any gauge wire (that you can work with), just keep in mind that thinner core wires means that the bail can be squished out of shape more easily.

This is my favourite wire wrap for bail construction now - discussed in a separate post link here.

Happy Wiring!

Download Tutorial PDF


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