Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Creating a Bail for a Pendant

First and foremost, it is important to measure around the clasp of the chain you will use for your pendant to dictate the circumference required for your bail.  Before you start bail construction.  If you have a special clasp you want to slide in and out, then:

Bail Circumference
Measure around the clasp with a soft measuring tape the minimum length required to comfortably slide the clasp in and out and then that should give you the length of X-wrap to make before creating the loop.

X Wrap Wire Weave

X Wrap Wire Weave

Ever needed to hide an area in wire work, or just wanted to fill in a large gap with some interesting pattern?  Here is an easy way to do just that, the x-wrap (named by me for the X shape produced in the middle of the wires) is a variation on the figure 8 used in the double coil weave to produce a more open, lacy look.

The tutorial is free and contains close up photos to show exactly what is happening over 3 full pages.  It is a stunning weave that makes a beautiful bail.