My Ring Designs

Rings are a fun thing to create because they are small but can really have a visual impact when done big and bold.

Pisces: Aquamarine crystal, PMC 
and sterling silver embossed band
Solid opals on sterling silver
Solid opal, reticulated silver and
sterling silver
0.6 mm fine silver Turks Head Knot
18 karat gold and s/s
Star sapphire and s/s
Mom loved the ring to right, but
the spiral caught too much and 
wire turned black while in pool.
So recreated with same peridot, 
18 kt gold band  and s/s setting.
Peridot and gold filled wire

Eni Oken design with Rhodonite

3 solid opals, s/s wire
Nod Ring: from Command and 
Conquer game.  Silver ring from 
my own wax carving. 
Same Nod ring with red enamel
infill.  Sold 11 of these to customer.
"E" silver with peridot
S/S all wire woven, no solder.
Wire woven s/s, no solder. Star Sapph.
Wax Carved Signet ring in silver
Euro 4:1 ring in brass
Fresh water Pearl and copper weave.
Tiger Eye Eni Oken design
Coral stone in made from scratch step
bezel.  Twisted band also hand made
in silver.
Garnet in step bezel and twisted
silver band.
Blue lab created beryl in a pre-fab
silver ring.  My 4th faceted stone
prong setting ever.

 Set of silver stacking rings hand made.
Top: green lab created beryl in step
bezel from scratch.
Middle: hammered 1.5 mm wire
Bottom: hand twisted wire
I am so proud of this ring!  The stone is
petrified coral from Indonesia that I
polished from rough stone.  The silver
setting and band are hand made too.

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