Miscellaneous Designs

Sometimes I get inspiration to just have some fun and do something different.

One Christmas I decided to make a crown for my niece based on a beautiful maroon dress Grandma had made for her.  This is the result.  I started on a pretty hard metal head band with crystals and then just built up a wire frame with beads in a self supporting structure.

My first serious seed bead project for a competition.  I made a little beetle.

1.5 mm brass wire made into a fibular pin.

1.5 mm brass wire fibular pin - seeing how wonky I could make the head part of the pin.

2 mm brass wire hammered into a wavy shape.

The Deathly Hallows Hunter sign as a penanular pin.  This pin does not have the pin shaft put on

The Trinity or Triquetra celtic knot as a penanular pin.  The three fold knot has become symbolic of things or people that have a threefold nature.

A little seed pod in wire work I worked up from looking at an ad in a beading magazine.  More than likely it was an Art Jewellery mag.

I was asked for some angel looking earrings one year and this is what I came up with.  This little design lead me to experiment and come up with the dragon fly pendants design.

When I became a knitter, I immediately saw the  wisdom of stitch markers but found the plastic boring ones available at craft stores boring and not what I needed.  So I made my own!

These stitch markers were for a swap based on aliens and space.  These were little comets.

And of course I just needed a lot of different markers to use up all the beads I love but haven't made into jewellery yet.  Actually I think I ended up swapping these ones...

Penanular pin in a C shape.  This is a lot like the old pins found in Roman and Celtic artifacts to hold cloaks closed.

1.5 mm brass wire

A different take on a penanular pin.

1.5 mm brass wire.

A heart shaped penanular pin.  This style was a little difficult because the pin was a little too big so sprang open.  I worked hardened the curved part but the overall size only works if less than 3 inches in diameter.

2 mm silver round wire

A penanular pin made for someone who liked swallows.  I wanted to give the image of a swallow escaping a bird cage, or perhaps flying in sun rays.

1.5 mm round brass wire
0.6 mm round brass wire coiling wire.

Sterling silver filligree wire pendant where every component is hand made from scratch.  Top stone is rough sapphire nugget, bottom crystal is rough aqua marine.

This was an experience to make....

Wire wrapped 1 mm brass wire twisted in on itself in a shape of a leaf or peacock feather eye.
I was asked to make a set of purse findings.  1.5 mm brass wire twisted and then made into 4 purse handle hinges and 1 buckle.
A treble clef penanular pin made by a combination of silver smithing and wire work.  9 cm x 5 cm
A 5 cm x 3 cm sterling silver elephant fibular pin.  A little silversmithing to create an eye.
9 cm x 5 cm sterling silver oak leaf fibular pin from wire work.
Twisted Sterling silver in a diamond shape penanular pin 7 cm x 4 cm.
Sterling silver fibular pin with flower dangle.  Pin measures 6 - 7 cm long.
Brass pin with separate spear shaft just over 10 cm long.
Brass 1.5 mm wire twisted around in two spirals into a fibular pin.  0.4 mm brass wire weaves on a rainbow of beads all under 4 mm diameter in a variety of natural and glass materials.
Beaded pins with commercial, thin pins on back.  Too much fun to design and make!  I learned this technique From Terri MacDonald of Greenfish Bluefish

Sterling silver yin and yang symbolised by the purple pearl and cream/white pearl.  Fibular pin.


Colombian amber/copal that was given to me in a solid rough rock to cut into freeform cabs by a dear friend.  Managed 6 stones, 1 will become a ring and 5 to become pendants.

US pennies used for size comparison.

Petrified coral from Indonesia which I love as it shows the veins and pockets of how the coral was formed. 

Petrified coral of Indonesia.  I just love this stone, each one is so different from any other.  I tried to get the stripes more prominent on this cabuchon.

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love your reproductions of ancient Celtic and Roman shawl pins.