My Pendant Designs

Pendants are like a small photo or painting showcasing unique stones and beads.  My favourite to make are wire worked pendants.

Wire Worked Pendants

Apatite rough set in copper
6 x 9 mm green sapphire set in copper.
Boulder opal set in copper.
Boulder opal set in copper.
Mosaic Opal Heart in Sterling Silver
Red beads set in copper.  

Ruby bead set in sterling silver.

Onyx set in sterling silver.
Ammonite set in sterling silver.
Serpentine bead set in sterling silver.
Mexican opal set in sterling silver.
Prenite set in sterling silver.
Turquoise beads in copper.
Sterling silver dragonfly.
Sterling silver dragonfly.
2.5 cm marble in sterling silver cage
Sterling Silver with Citrine (Lab)
Back of left pendant

Glass Cabuchon and bare copper
Back of pendant
Snail shell door in sterling silver bezel setting

Silversmith Pendants

Labradorite in sterling silver.
Aquamarine bezel set in sterling silver.
Star sapphire set in mixed metals.
Opal set in sterling silver.
Crystal set in sterling silver.
Opal set in sterling silver.

A robyn with reticulated wing
Same robyn pendant with the wing open
to reveal a ruby bezel set stone.
Peridot in sterling silver.

Solid opal in sterling silver and 18 K gold
9 karat gold lop eared rabbit


Other Techniques

A mixture of silver smithing for the
bezel setting of opal, twisted wire
and circular frame are held together
with wire work.  Tisted wire and
circular frame 1.2 mm s/s wire and
finer bail weaving and coiling wire is 0.6
mm s/s wire.
Twisted 0.8 mm round s/s wire for the
leaf spine, 1 mm round s/s wire for leaf
outline attached by silver smithing.  The
bail weaving and leaf veins are added with
wire work using 0.4 mm round s/s wire.
Below: Front of pendant
 Below: Back of pendant
Silver Precious Metal Clay (PMC)
moulded into a butterfly was then
textured.  After drying, fired and
polished, it is finished as a pendant.
PMC Leaf front. Leaf mould is
from a real begonia leaf mould
I created using 2 part silicon compound.
Back of the leaf pendant.
A PMC pendant that I took from
a mould I created of a $3 key ring.
The mould was pressed into a
cuttle fish bone.

I wax carved this pendant based
on a line drawing.  I have a whole
blog entry for this pendant.
Sterling silver casting with
additional star sapphire I silver
smithed after casting with a bezel
A cross frame of 1.0 mm sterling
silver wire was soldered together
 with the opal bezel setting used
to hold the base wires together.
Over everything, 0.4 mm round s/s
twisted wire binds the 4 cross limbs.
Bail weaving is also 0.4 mm s/s wire.
Seed beaded pendant with the main
focal bead is glued to felt then the
bezel setting sewn around the edges.

Bead embroidery onto stiff stuff felt with
Feature Stones: Tiger Eye cab, Crysopraise
cab, paua shell beads
Supporting beads: seed beads, Czech
pressed glass Picasso beads, tube beads,
small glass beads

Bail is made from two brass jump rings
10 mm glued shut by a seed bead to
prevent opening.  


Pamelarose said...

All are so beautiful!

Naksh Kaloo said...

What a pretty latest pendant design! xoxo Loved it!
I recently Bought a similar one from one of my favorite online designer jewellery store

Avi Goyal said...

I personally prefer diamond bangles for the wedding as they really enhance your look and is apt for your perfect day.